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  Back Advertisers Reprint Set of 16
A high-quality reprint set of T206 backs. Each set is of 18 backs plus a header card, each approximately the size of their original T206 counterparts.

This reprint set is complete in that it contains at least one card for each of the advertisers known to grace the backs of T206 White Border Baseball Cards.

Great for framing, adding to a binder set, or just enjoying as-is.

Included Backs
  • American Beauty 350 Frame
  • American Beauty 350 No Frame
  • Broad Leaf 350
  • Carolina Brights
  • Cycle 350
  • Drum 350
  • El Principe De Gales
  • Hindu Brown
  • Hindu Red
  • Lenox
  • Old Mill Southern League
  • Piedmont 150
  • Polar Bear
  • Sovereign 150
  • Sweet Caporal 150
  • Tolstoi
  • Ty Cobb
  • Uzit

  • $11.99 shipped (USA)

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    T206 Back Advertisers Reprint Set

    Here's what Barry A. had to say about his backs reprint set:
    "I received the backs today and they are absolutely wonderful. My wife and i took them out of the package at a restaurant and spent a good hour eagerly looking at and examining each one. We were very careful to keep food and drink out of the way, due to their obvious lesser importance!!! We continue to be amazed at how 'life like' they are. The color, the weight, the feel, the print are just right, Trae! Kudos, again and again!!!"
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