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  The 1909-11 T206 White Border Set
T206 Wagner, Plank, Doyle, Magie Introducing "The Monster"
For many collectors, vintage and otherwise, there is 1909-11 T206 White Border set, and there are all other sets. The set is one of only a handful that is recognizable to those outside the "hobby", as it contains the most valuable of all cards: the legendary Honus Wagner, of which the finest example known last traded hands at $2.8 million. Several things draw collectors to T206. First and foremost, it can be a challenge to both the novice and the experienced collector alike. Whether collecting "fronts", "backs", Hall-of-Famers, team sets or otherwise, the possibilities are endless.

T206 White Border Baseball Cards were produced by the American Tobacco Trust over a three year period, T206 lives up to it's name "The Monster". Most hobbyists assume a T206 set to be "complete" at just over 520 cards. This excludes the "Big Four", those being Wagner, Magie (Magee error), Plank, and Doyle (N.Y. Nat'l). Among these cards are 389 Major Leaguers and 134 Minor Leaguers. Taking into account the possibilities of over 520 different player poses on the fronts, and 16 different advertisement backs, there are thousands of permutations of cards to complete a "set".
T206 Ty Cobb, Carlos Smith, John Titus, Walter Johnson
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