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1909-11 T206 White Border Backs Checklist
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Order By Scarcity Rank, From Greatest to Least

X Rank Back NOTES
  1   Ty Cobb *  
  2   Old Mill (Southern Leagues) - Brown ***  
  3   Lenox - Brown  
  4   Broad Leaf 460  
  5   Drum 350  
  6   Uzit  
  7   Hindu - Red  
  8   Lenox - Black  
  9   Red Cross Type 1 **  
  10   Broad Leaf 350  
  11   Blank Back ***  
  12   Coupon Type 1  
  13   Carolina Brights  
  14   Piedmont 350-460 Factory No.42  
  15   American Beauty 460  
  16   Hindu - Brown  
  17   American Beauty 350 (No Frame)  
  18   Sovereign 460  
  19   Cycle 460  
  20   Tolstoi  
  21   Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.25  
  22   El Principe De Gales  
  23   American Beauty 350 (Frame)  
  24   Sovereign 350 (Apple Green)  
  25   Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.42  
  26   Cycle 350  
  27   Old Mill (Southern Leagues) - Black  
  28   Sovereign 150  
  29   Sweet Caporal 150 Factory No.649 Overprint  
  30   Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.42 Overprint  
  31   Old Mill (Base Ball Subjects)  
  32   Polar Bear  
  33   Sovereign 350 (Forest Green)  
  34   Sweet Caporal 150 Factory No.25  
  35   Sweet Caporal 350-460 Factory No.30  
  36   Sweet Caporal 150 Factory No.30  
  37   Piedmont 150 Factory No.25  
  38   Piedmont 350-460 Factory No.25  
  39   Sweet Caporal 350 Factory No.25  
  40   Sweet Caporal 350 Factory No.30  
  41   Piedmont 350 Factory No.25  

Scarcity List Credit: Tim Cathey, Jim Rivera, Brian Weisner, and Art Martineau


This list is based solely on the overall scarcity of one back in relation to another. No emphasis or additional weight was placed on a particular subject or subset within a back group that is believed or perceived to be more difficult than the rest.

Each collector's experience will be different and they may find that over a short period of time or with a given subject that their difficulty in acquiring different backs doesn't exactly match this list.


* Ty Cobb Tobacco
This back is controversial to say the least and many collectors do not feel it is a T206, while others believe it is. Compelling arguments have been made for both sides but neither have yet to produce sufficient evidence, in our opinion, to definitively show it is or isn't part of the same set. Until that time it will remain on our list as it was originally classified as a T206.

** Red Cross & Coupon Type 1
We don't believe that either of these backs are part of the T206 set and haven't included them on the current list for that reason. However many collectors do believe they are or possibly could be T206's so we included them to show where we believe they would be ranked if included.

*** Old Mill (SL) Brown & Blank Back
These two backs were not inserted into packs and both are essentially printers scrap. Some may not consider these necessary for a complete back run.

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