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1909-11 T206 White Borders
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Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Abbaticchio, Ed   Blue Sleeves   Pittsburgh
  Abbaticchio, Ed   Brown Sleeves   Pittsburgh
  Abbott, Fred   Portrait   Toledo
  Abstein, Bill   Portrait   Pittsburgh
  Adkins, Doc   Portrait   Baltimore
  Alperman, Whitey   Batting   Brooklyn
  Ames, Red   Hands at Chest   NY Giants
  Ames, Red   Hands Above Head   NY Giants
  Ames, Red   Portrait   NY Giants
  Anderson, John   Fielding   Providence
  Arellanes, Frank   Follow Thru   Boston Red Sox
  Armbruster, Herman   Portrait   St. Paul
  Arndt, Harry   Portrait   Providence
  Atz, Jake   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Baker, Home Run   Follow Thru   Philadelphia As HOF
  Ball, Neal   Ready to Throw   Clev. Naps
  Ball, Neal   Fielding   NY Highlanders
  Barbeau, Jap   Batting   St. Louis Cards
  Barger, Cy   Portrait   Rochester
  Barry, Jack   Portrait   Philadelphia As
  Barry, Shad   Portrait   Milwaukee
  Bastain, Jack   Standing   San Antonio (SL) SL
  Batch, Emil   Portrait   Rochester
  Bates, Johnny   Batting   Boston Braves
  Bay, Harry   Fielding   Nashville (SL) SL
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Beaumont, Ginger   Portrait   Boston Braves
  Beck, Fred   Fielding   Boston Braves
  Becker, Beals   Fielding   Boston Braves
  Beckley, Jake   Portrait   Kansas City HOF
  Bell, George   Hands Over Head   Brooklyn
  Bell, George   Follow Thru   Brooklyn
  Bender, Chief   No Trees   Philadelphia As HOF
  Bender, Chief   Trees   Philadelphia As HOF
  Bender, Chief   Portrait   Philadelphia As HOF
  Bergen, Bill   Batting   Brooklyn
  Bergen, Bill   Catching   Brooklyn
  Berger, Heinie   Ready to Throw   Clev. Naps
  Bernhard, Bill   Follow Thru   Nashville (SL) SL
  Bescher, Bob   Hands Up   Cincinnati Reds
  Bescher, Bob   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds
  Birmingham, Joe   Horizontal   Clev. Naps
  Blackburne, Lena   Fielding   Providence
  Bliss, Jack   Follow Thru   St. Louis Cards
  Bowerman, Frank   Portrait   Boston Braves
  Bradley, Bill   Portrait   Clev. Naps
  Bradley, Bill   Batting   Clev. Naps
  Brain, Dave   Portrait   Buffalo
  Bransfield, Kitty   Fielding   Phil. Phillies
  Brashear, Roy   Portrait   Kansas City
  Breitenstein, Ted   Follow Thru   New Orleans (SL) SL
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Bresnahan, Roger   Portrait   St. Louis Cards HOF
  Bresnahan, Roger   Batting   St. Louis Cards HOF
  Bridwell, Al   No Cap   NY Giants
  Bridwell, Al   Cap   NY Giants
  Brown, George   Batting   Chicago Cubs
  Brown, George   Batting   Washington
  Brown, Mordecai   Chicago on shirt   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Brown, Mordecai   Cubs on shirt   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Brown, Mordecai   Portrait   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Burch, Al   Battting   Brooklyn
  Burch, Al   Fielding   Brooklyn
  Burchell, Fred   Ready to Throw   Buffalo
  Burke, Jimmy   Portrait   Indianapolis
  Burns, Bill   Ready to Throw   Chic. White Sox
  Bush, Donnie   Standing   Detroit Tigers
  Butler, Johnny   Portrait   Rochester
  Byrne, Bobby   Batting   St. Louis Cards
  Camnitz, Harry   Arms down   Pittsburgh
  Camnitz, Howie   Arms folded   Pittsburgh
  Camnitz, Howie   Arms up   Pittsburgh
  Campbell, Billy   Ready to Throw   Cincinnati Reds
  Carey, Scoops   Fielding   Memphis (SL) SL
  Carr, Charley   Portrait   Indianapolis
  Carrigan, Bill   Ready to Throw   Boston Red Sox
  Casey, Doc   Portrait   Montreal
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Cassidy, Peter   Portrait   Baltimore
  Chance, Frank   Batting   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Chance, Frank   Red Portrait   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Chance, Frank   Yellow Portrait   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Chapelle, Bill   Ready to Throw   Rochester
  Charles, Chappie   Batting   St. Louis Cards
  Chase, Hal   Holding trophy   NY Highlanders
  Chase, Hal   Blue Portrait   NY Highlanders
  Chase, Hal   Pink Portrait   NY Highlanders
  Chase, Hal   Black cap   NY Highlanders
  Chase, Hal   White cap   NY Highlanders
  Chesbro, Jack   Portrait   NY Highlanders HOF
  Cicotte, Ed   Follow Thru   Boston Red Sox
  Clancy, Bill   Fielding   Buffalo
  Clark, Josh   Follow Thru   Columbus
  Clarke, Fred   Batting   Pittsburgh HOF
  Clarke, Fred   Portrait   Pittsburgh HOF
  Clarke, J.J.   Fielding   Clev. Naps
  Clymer, Bill   Standing   Columbus
  Cobb, Ty   Green Portrait   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Cobb, Ty   Red Portrait   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Cobb, Ty   Bat off Shoulder   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Cobb, Ty   Bat on Shoulder   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Coles, Cad   Portrait   Atlanta (SL) SL
  Collins, Eddie   Portrait   Philadelphia As HOF
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Collins, Jimmy   Portrait   Minneapolis HOF
  Congalton, Bunk   Portrait   Columbus
  Conroy, Wid   Fielding   Washington
  Conroy, Wid   Batting   Washington
  Covaleski, Harry   Standing   Phil. Phillies
  Crandall, Doc   No cap   NY Giants
  Crandall, Doc   Cap   NY Giants
  Cranston, Bill   Follow Thru   Memphis (SL) SL
  Cravath, Gavvy   Batting   Minneapolis
  Crawford, Sam   Throwing   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Crawford, Sam   Batting   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Cree, Birdie   Follow Thru   NY Highlanders
  Criger, Lou   Portrait   St. Louis Browns
  Criss, Dode   Follow Thru   St. Louis Browns
  Cross, Monty   Ready to Throw   Indianapolis
  Dahlen, Bill   Portrait   Boston Braves
  Dahlen, Bill   Portrait   Brooklyn
  Davidson, Paul   Portrait   Indianapolis
  Davis, George   Throwing   Chic. White Sox HOF
  Davis, Harry   Davis   Philadelphia As
  Davis, Harry   H. Davis   Philadelphia As
  Delehanty, Frank   Portrait   Louisville
  Delehanty, Jim   Follow Thru   Washington
  Demmitt, Ray   Standing   NY Highlanders
  Demmitt, Ray   Standing   St. Louis Browns
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Dessau, Rube   Portrait   Baltimore
  Devlin, Art   Portrait   NY Giants
  Devore, Josh   Batting   NY Giants
  Dineen, Bill   Ready to Throw   St. Louis Browns
  Donlin, Mike   Fielding   NY Giants
  Donlin, Mike   Seated   NY Giants
  Donlin, Mike   Batting   NY Giants
  Donohue, Jiggs   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
  Donovan, Bill   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  Donovan, Bill   Follow Thru   Detroit Tigers
  Dooin, Red   Portrait   Phil. Phillies
  Doolan, Mickey   Batting   Phil. Phillies
  Doolan, Mickey   Fielding   Phil. Phillies
  Doolin, Mickey   Portrait   Phil. Phillies
  Dorner, Gus   Portrait   Kansas City
  Dougherty, Patsy   Arm in air   Chic. White Sox
  Dougherty, Patsy   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Downey, Tom   Batting   Cincinnati Reds
  Downey, Tom   Fielding   Cincinnati Reds
  Downs, Jerry   Portrait   Minneapolis
  Doyle, Joe   NY   NY Highlanders
  Doyle, Joe   NY Natl   NY Highlanders
  Doyle, Larry   Portrait   NY Giants
  Doyle, Larry   Throwing   NY Giants
  Doyle, Larry   Batting   NY Giants
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Dubuc, Jean   Ready to Throw   Cincinnati Reds
  Duffy, Hugh   Batting   Chic. White Sox HOF
  Dunn, Jack   Fielding   Baltimore
  Dunn, Joe   Standing   Brooklyn
  Durham, Bull   Portrait   NY Giants
  Dygert, Jimmy   Portrait   Philadelphia As
  Easterly, Ted   Portrait   Clev. Naps
  Egan, Dick   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds
  Elberfeld, Kid   Portrait   NY Highlanders
  Elberfeld, Kid   Portrait   Washington
  Elberfeld, Kid   Fielding   Washington
  Ellam, Roy   Batting   Nashville (SL) SL
  Engle, Clyde   Batting   NY Highlanders
  Evans, Steve   Batting   St. Louis Cards
  Evers, Johnny   Portrait   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Evers, Johnny   Chicago on shirt   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Evers, Johnny   Cubs on shirt   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Ewing, Bob   Follow Thru   Cincinnati Reds
  Ferguson, Cecil   Ready to Throw   Boston Braves
  Ferris, Hobe   Throwing   St. Louis Browns
  Fiene, Lou   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Fiene, Lou   Fielding   Chic. White Sox
  Flanagan, Steamer   Portrait   Buffalo
  Fletcher, Art   Batting   NY Giants
  Flick, Elmer   Batting   Clev. Naps HOF
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Ford, Russ   Follow Thru   NY Highlanders
  Foster, Ed   Portrait   Charleston (SL) SL
  Freeman, Jerry   Batting   Toledo
  Frill, John   Follow Thru   NY Highlanders
  Fritz, Charlie   Ready to Throw   New Orleans (SL) SL
  Fromme, Art   Throwing   Cincinnati Reds
  Gandil, Chick   Batting   Chic. White Sox
  Ganley, Bob   Fielding   Washington
  Ganzel, John   Fielding   Rochester
  Gasper, Harry   Follow Thru   Cincinnati Reds
  Geyer, Rube   Follow Thru   St. Louis Cards
  Gibson, George   Standing   Pittsburgh
  Gilbert, Billy   Fielding   St. Louis Cards
  Goode, Wilbur   Batting   Clev. Naps
  Graham, Bill   Follow Thru   St. Louis Browns
  Graham, Peaches   Fielding   Boston Braves
  Gray, Dolly   Follow Thru   Washington
  Greminger, Ed   Portrait   Montgomery (SL) SL
  Griffith, Clark   Batting   Cincinnati Reds HOF
  Griffith, Clark   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds HOF
  Grimshaw, Moose   Portrait   Toronto
  Groom, Bob   Follow Thru   Washington
  Guiheen, Tom   Portrait   Portsmouth (SL) SL
  Hahn, Ed   Batting   Chic. White Sox
  Hall, Bob   Portrait   Baltimore
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Hallman, Bill   Portrait   Kansas City
  Hannifan, Jack   Batting   Jersey City
  Hart, Bill   Portrait   Little Rock (SL) SL
  Hart, Jimmy   Fielding   Montgomery (SL) SL
  Hartsel, Topsy   Standing   Philadelphia As
  Hayden, Jack   Portrait   Indianapolis
  Helm, J. Ross   Portrait   Columbus (SL) SL
  Hemphill, Charlie   Fielding   NY Highlanders
  Herzog, Buck   Sweater   Boston Braves
  Herzog, Buck   Standing   NY Giants
  Hickman, Gordon   Portrait   Mobile (SL) SL
  Hinchman, Bill   Batting   Clev. Naps
  Hinchman, Harry   Portrait   Toledo
  Hoblitzell, Dick   Fielding   Cincinnati Reds
  Hoffman, Danny   Follow Thru   St. Louis Browns
  Hoffman, Izzy   Portrait   Providence
  Hofman, Solly   Batting   Chicago Cubs
  Hooker, Buck   Portrait   Lynchburg (SL) SL
  Howard, Del   Batting   Chicago Cubs
  Howard, Ernie   Standing   Savannah (SL) SL
  Howell, Harry   Portrait   St. Louis Browns
  Howell, Harry   Standing   St. Louis Browns
  Huggins, Miller   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds HOF
  Huggins, Miller   Hands to mouth   Cincinnati Reds HOF
  Hulswitt, Rudy   Batting   St. Louis Cards
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Hummel, John   Batting   Brooklyn
  Hunter, George   Batting   Brooklyn
  Isbell, Frank   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
  Jacklitsch, Jack   Fielding   Phil. Phillies
  Jackson, Jimmy   Portrait   Baltimore
  Jennings, Hughie   One Hand Showing   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Jennings, Hughie   Both Hands Showing   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Jennings, Hughie   Portrait   Detroit Tigers HOF
  Johnson, Walter   Portrait   Washington HOF
  Johnson, Walter   Hands at Chest   Washington HOF
  Jones, Davy   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  Jones, Fielder   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Jones, Fielder   Standing   Chic. White Sox
  Jones, Tom   Follow Thru   St. Louis Browns
  Jordan, Dutch   Batting   Atlanta (SL) SL
  Jordan, Tim   Portrait   Brooklyn
  Jordan, Tim   Batting   Brooklyn
  Joss, Addie   Portrait   Clev. Naps HOF
  Joss, Addie   Pitching   Clev. Naps HOF
  Karger, Ed   Batting   Cincinnati Reds
  Keeler, Willie   Portrait   NY Highlanders HOF
  Keeler, Willie   Batting   NY Highlanders HOF
  Kelley, Joe   Batting   Toronto HOF
  Kiernan, J. F.   Portrait   Columbia (SL) SL
  Killian, Ed   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Killian, Ed   Pitching   Detroit Tigers
  King, Frank   Portrait   Danville (SL) SL
  Kisinger, Rube   Throwing   Buffalo
  Kleinow, Red   Catching   Boston Red Sox
  Kleinow, Red   Catching   NY Highlanders
  Kleinow, Red   Batting   NY Highlanders
  Kling, Johnny   Portrait   Chicago Cubs
  Knabe, Otto   Fielding   Phil. Phillies
  Knight, Jack   Portrait   NY Highlanders
  Knight, Jack   Batting   NY Highlanders
  Konetchy, Ed   Glove High   St. Louis Cards
  Konetchy, Ed   Glove Low   St. Louis Cards
  Krause, Harry   Portrait   Philadelphia As
  Krause, Harry   Pitching   Philadelphia As
  Kroh, Rube   Ready to Throw   Chicago Cubs
  Kruger, Otto   Portrait   Columbus
  LaFitte, James   Ready to Throw   Macon (SL) SL
  Lajoie, Napoleon   Portrait   Clev. Naps HOF
  Lajoie, Napoleon   Throwing   Clev. Naps HOF
  Lajoie, Napoleon   Batting   Clev. Naps HOF
  Lake, Joe   Follow Thru   NY Highlanders
  Lake, Joe   With Ball   St. Louis Browns
  Lake, Joe   No Ball   St. Louis Browns
  LaPorte, Frank   Fielding   NY Highlanders
  Latham, Arlie   Portrait   NY Giants
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Lattimore, Bill   Follow Thru   Toledo
  Lavender, Jimmy   Ready to Throw   Providence
  Leach, Tommy   Portrait   Pittsburgh
  Leach, Tommy   Fielding   Pittsburgh
  Leifeld, Lefty   Batting   Pittsburgh
  Leifeld, Lefty   Pitching   Pittsburgh
  Lennox, Ed   Fielding   Brooklyn
  Lentz, Harry   Portrait   Little Rock (SL) SL
  Liebhardt, Glenn   Batting   Clev. Naps
  Lindaman, Vive   Ready to Throw   Boston Braves
  Lipe, Perry   Portrait   Richmond (SL) SL
  Livingstone, Paddy   Fielding   Philadelphia As
  Lobert, Hans   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds
  Lord, Harry   Batting   Boston Red Sox
  Lumley, Harry   Portrait   Brooklyn
  Lundgren, Carl   Ready to Throw   Chicago Cubs
  Lundgren, Carl   Ready to Throw   Kansas City
  Maddox, Nick   Follow Thru   Pittsburgh
  Magee, Sherwood   Portrait   Phil. Phillies
  Magee, Sherwood   Batting   Phil. Phillies
  Magie, Sherwood   Portrait   Phil. Phillies
  Malarky, Bill   Portrait   Buffalo
  Maloney, Bill   Follow Thru   Rochester
  Manion, George   Portrait   Columbia (SL) SL
  Manning, Rube   Batting   NY Highlanders
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Manning, Rube   Pitching   NY Highlanders
  Marquard, Rube   Portrait   NY Giants HOF
  Marquard, Rube   Follow Thru   NY Giants HOF
  Marquard, Rube   Hands at Thighs   NY Giants HOF
  Marshall, Doc   Follow Thru   Brooklyn
  Mathewson, Christy   Portrait   NY Giants HOF
  Mathewson, Christy   Black cap   NY Giants HOF
  Mathewson, Christy   White cap   NY Giants HOF
  Mattern, Al   Portrait   Boston Braves
  McAleese, John   Ready to Throw   St. Louis Browns
  McBride, George   Batting   Washington
  McCauley, Pat   Portrait   Portsmouth (SL) SL
  McCormick, Moose   Fielding   NY Giants
  McElveen, Pryor   Follow Thru   Brooklyn
  McGann, Dan   Portrait   Milwaukee
  McGinley, Jim   Portrait   Toronto
  McGinnity, Joe   Follow Thru   Newark HOF
  McGlynn, Stoney   Portrait   Milwaukee
  McGraw, John   Portrait   NY Giants HOF
  McGraw, John   Portrait w/cap   NY Giants HOF
  McGraw, John   Finger in Air   NY Giants HOF
  McGraw, John   Glove at Hip   NY Giants HOF
  McIntyre, Harry   Ready to Throw   Brooklyn
  McIntyre, Harry   Follow Thru   Brooklyn and Chicago
  McIntyre, Matty   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  McLean, Larry   Catching   Cincinnati Reds
  McQuillan, George   Batting   Phil. Phillies
  McQuillan, George   Throwing   Phil. Phillies
  Merkle, Fred   Portrait   NY Giants
  Merkle, Fred   Throwing   NY Giants
  Merritt, George   Portrait   Jersey City
  Meyers, Chief   Portrait   NY Giants
  Milan, Clyde   Batting   Washington
  Miller, Dots   Batting   Pittsburgh
  Miller, Molly   Fielding   Dallas (SL) SL
  Milligan, Bill   Portrait   Jersey City
  Mitchell, Mike   Fielding   Cincinnati Reds
  Mitchell, Fred   Portrait   Toronto
  Moeller, Dan   Portrait   Jersey City
  Molesworth, Carlton   Standing   Birmingham (SL) SL
  Moran, Herbie   Portrait   Providence
  Moran, Pat   Seated   Chicago Cubs
  Moriarty, George   Fielding   Detroit Tigers
  Mowery, Mike   Running   Cincinnati Reds
  Mullaney, Dom   Fielding   Jacksonville (SL) SL
  Mullen, George   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  Mullin, George   Horizontal   Detroit Tigers
  Mullin, George   Batting   Detroit Tigers
  Murphy, Danny   Horizontal   Philadelphia As
  Murphy, Danny   Batting   Philadelphia As
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Murray, Red   Portrait   NY Giants
  Murray, Red   Batting   NY Giants
  Myers, Chief   Batting   NY Giants
  Myers, Chief   Fielding   NY Giants
  Nattress, Billy   Portrait   Buffalo
  Needham, Tom   Catching   Chicago Cubs
  Nicholls, Simon   Fielding   Philadelphia As
  Nichols, Simon   Batting   Philadelphia As
  Niles, Harry   Standing   Boston Red Sox
  Oakes, Rebel   Fielding   Cincinnati Reds
  Oberlin, Frank   Standing   Minneapolis
  OBrien, Pete   Standing   St. Paul
  OHara, Bill   Batting   NY Giants
  OHara, Bill   Batting   St. Louis Cards
  Oldring, Rube   Batting   Philadelphia As
  Oldring, Rube   Fielding   Philadelphia As
  OLeary, Charley   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  OLeary, Charley   Fielding   Detroit Tigers
  ONeil, William   Portrait   Minneapolis
  Orth, Al   Ready to Throw   Lynchburg (SL) SL
  Otey, Bill   Portrait   Norfolk (SL) SL
  Overall, Orval   Portrait   Chicago Cubs
  Overall, Orval   Hand Face Level   Chicago Cubs
  Overall, Orval   Hands at Waist   Chicago Cubs
  Owen, Frank   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Paige, George   Portrait   Charleston (SL) SL
  Parent, Fred   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Paskert, Dode   Fielding   Cincinnati Reds
  Pastorius, Jim   Ready to Throw   Brooklyn
  Pattee, Harry   Horizontal   Brooklyn
  Payne, Billy   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
  Pelty, Barney   Horizontal   St. Louis Browns
  Pelty, Barney   Vertical   St. Louis Browns
  Perdue, Hub   Follow Thru   Nashville (SL) SL
  Perring, George   Portrait   Clev. Naps
  Persons, Arch   Follow Thru   Montgomery (SL) SL
  Pfeffer, Jeff   Batting   Chicago Cubs
  Pfeister, Jake   Sitting   Chicago Cubs
  Pfeister, Jake   Throwing   Chicago Cubs
  Phelan, Jimmy   Portrait   Providence
  Phelps, Eddie   Fielding   St. Louis Cards
  Philllippe, Deacon   Follow Thru   Pittsburgh
  Pickering, Ollie   Portrait   Minneapolis
  Plank, Eddie   Portrait   Philadelphia As HOF
  Poland, Phil   Portrait   Baltimore
  Powell, Jack   Horizontal   St. Louis Browns
  Powers, Mike   Catching   Philadelphia As
  Purtell, Billy   Fielding   Chic. White Sox
  Puttman, Ambrose   Follow Thru   Louisville
  Quillen, Lee   Portrait   Minneapolis
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Quinn, Jack   Follow Thru   NY Highlanders
  Randall, Newt   Portrait   Milwaukee
  Raymond, Bugs   Follow Thru   NY Giants
  Reagan, Ed   Follow Thru   New Orleans (SL) SL
  Reulbach, Ed   No Glove Showing   Chicago Cubs
  Reulbach, Ed   Glove Showing   Chicago Cubs
  Revelle, Dutch   Portrait   Richmond (SL) SL
  Rhoades, Bob   Right Arm Extended   Clev. Naps
  Rhoades, Bob   Hands at Chest   Clev. Naps
  Rhodes, Charlie   Portrait   St. Louis Cards
  Ritchey, Claude   Batting   Boston Braves
  Ritter, Lou   Fielding   Kansas City
  Rockenfeld, Ike   Batting   Montgomery (SL) SL
  Rossman, Claude   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  Rucker, Nap   Portrait   Brooklyn
  Rucker, Nap   Pitching   Brooklyn
  Rudolph, Dick   Portrait   Toronto
  Ryan, Ray   Portrait   Roanoke (SL) SL
  Schaefer, Germany   Fielding   Detroit Tigers
  Schaefer, Germany   Follow Thru   Washington
  Schafly, Larry   Portrait   Newark
  Schirm, George   Batting   Buffalo
  Schlei, Admiral   Portrait   NY Giants
  Schlei, Admiral   Batting   NY Giants
  Schlei, Admiral   Fielding   NY Giants
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Schmidt, Boss   Portrait   Detroit Tigers
  Schmidt, Boss   Pitching   Detroit Tigers
  Schreck, Ossee   Portrait   Columbus
  Schulte, Wildfire   Front View   Chicago Cubs
  Schulte, Wildfire   Back view   Chicago Cubs
  Scott, Jim   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
  Seitz, Charles   Portrait   Norfolk (SL) SL
  Seymour, Cy   Portrait   NY Giants
  Seymour, Cy   Batting   NY Giants
  Seymour, Cy   Pitching   NY Giants
  Shannon, Spike   Fielding   Kansas City
  Sharpe, Bud   Portrait   Newark
  Shaughnessy, Shag   Portrait   Roanoke (SL) SL
  Shaw, Al   Follow Thru   St. Louis Cards
  Shaw, Hunky   Portrait   Providence
  Sheckard, Jimmy   Pitching   Chicago Cubs
  Sheckard, Jimmy   Pink Sky   Chicago Cubs
  Shipke, Bill   Fielding   Washington
  Slagle, Jimmy   Fielding   Baltimore
  Smith, Carlos   Portrait   Shreveport (SL) SL
  Smith, Frank   F. Smith   Chic. White Sox
  Smith, Frank   White Cap   Chic. White Sox
  Smith, Frank   White Cap   Chicago and Bost.
  Smith, Happy   Follow Thru   Brooklyn
  Smith, Heinie   Follow Thru   Buffalo
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Smith, Sid   Fielding   Atlanta (SL) SL
  Snodgrass, Fred   Batting   NY Giants
  Snodgrass, Fred   Catching   NY Giants
  Spade, Bob   Portrait   Cincinnati Reds
  Speaker, Tris   Batting   Boston Red Sox HOF
  Spencer, Tubby   Ready to Throw   Boston Red Sox
  Stahl, Jake   Glove Shows   Boston Red Sox
  Stahl, Jake   No Glove   Boston Red Sox
  Stanage, Oscar   Fielding   Detroit Tigers
  Stark, Dolly   Batting   San Antonio (SL) SL
  Starr, Charlie   Fielding   Boston Braves
  Steinfeldt, Harry   Portrait   Chicago Cubs
  Steinfeldt, Harry   Batting   Chicago Cubs
  Stephens, Jim   Fielding   St. Louis Browns
  Stone, George   Portrait   St. Louis Browns
  Stovall, George   Portrait   Clev. Naps
  Stovall, George   Batting   Clev. Naps
  Strang, Sam   Standing   Baltimore
  Street, Gabby   Portrait   Washington
  Street, Gabby   Fielding   Washington
  Sullivan, Billy   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  Summers, Ed   Follow Thru   Detroit Tigers
  Sweeney, Bill   Batting   Boston Braves
  Sweeney, Jeff   Fielding   NY Highlanders
  Tannenhill, Jesse   Ready to Throw   Washington
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Tannenhill, Lee   L. Tannenhill   Chic. White Sox
  Tannenhill, Lee   Follow Thru   Chic. White Sox
  Taylor, Dummy   Ready to Throw   Buffalo
  Tenney, Fred   Portrait   NY Giants
  Thebo, Tony   Fielding   Waco (SL) SL
  Thielman, Jake   Portrait   Louisville
  Thomas, Ira   Follow Thru   Philadelphia As
  Thornton, Woodie   Follow Thru   Mobile (SL) SL
  Tinker, Joe   Bat off Shoulder   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Tinker, Joe   Bat on Shoulder   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Tinker, Joe   Hands on Knees   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Tinker, Joe   Portrait   Chicago Cubs HOF
  Titus, John   Standing   Phil. Phillies
  Turner, Terry   Portrait   Clev. Naps
  Unglaub, Bob   Portrait   Washington
  Violat, Juan   Follow Thru   Jacksonville (SL) SL
  Waddell, Rube   Portrait   St. Louis Browns HOF
  Waddell, Rube   Throwing   St. Louis Browns HOF
  Wagner, Heinie   Bat Rt Shoulder   Boston Red Sox
  Wagner, Heinie   Bat Lt Shoulder   Boston Red Sox
  Wagner, Honus   Portrait   Pittsburgh HOF
  Wallace, Bobby   Portrait   St. Louis Browns HOF
  Walsh, Ed   Portrait   Chic. White Sox HOF
  Warhop, Jack   Batting   NY Highlanders
  Weimer, Jake   Portrait   NY Giants
Card / Player Pose Team HOF/SL
  Westlake, James   Portrait   Danville (SL) SL
  Wheat, Zack   Batting   Brooklyn HOF
  White, Doc   Portrait   Chic. White Sox
  White, Doc   Throwing   Chic. White Sox
  White, Foley   Fielding   Houston (SL) SL
  White, Jack   Follow Thru   Buffalo
  Wilhelm, Kaiser   Ready to Pitch   Brooklyn
  Wilhelm, Kaiser   Batting   Brooklyn
  Willett, Ed   Batting   Detroit Tigers
  Willetts, Ed   Ready to Throw   Detroit Tigers
  Williams, Jimmy   Standing   St. Louis Browns
  Willis, Vic   Portrait   Pittsburgh HOF
  Willis, Vic   Throwing   St. Louis Cards HOF
  Willis, Vic   Batting   St. Louis Cards HOF
  Wilson, Owen   Batting   Pittsburgh
  Wiltse, Hooks   Portrait   NY Giants
  Wiltse, Hooks   Portrait w/cap   NY Giants
  Wiltse, Hooks   Pitching   NY Giants
  Wright, Lucky   Portrait   Toledo
  Young, Cy   Portrait   Clev. Naps HOF
  Young, Cy   Glove   Clev. Naps HOF
  Young, Cy   Bare Hand   Clev. Naps HOF
  Young, Irv   Standing   Minneapolis
  Zimmerman, Heinie   Batting   Chicago Cubs
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